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Milaca Elim Meadows Golf Classic Makes Audio/Visual Upgrades Possible

For 19 years, the chapel at Milaca Elim Meadows has been a place to gather, worship and enjoy various other activities. During this time, various changes have occurred. However, the lack of updates to the audio/visual equipment has hindered the experience of residents, staff and visitors at the senior living community.

The Milaca Elim Meadows Golf Classic on Friday, July 28, 2023, made the much-needed upgrades possible.

Inferior Equipment, Inferior Quality

Not only does Chaplain Dale Clifton tend to the spiritual needs of those at Milaca Elim Meadows, but he is also the “keeper of the chapel,” according to Administrator Laura Broberg.

That means he is also keeper of the chapel equipment and an authority on its effectiveness, or lack thereof.

He described the mixer and amplifier as “barely hanging on,” a result of years pushing the volume higher and higher due to diminished effectiveness in sound and quality.

“It’s a bit of a song and dance to set the equipment at the artificially high setting without resulting in noisy feedback from the speakers,” Chaplain Dale says.

The video system required converter equipment and did not connect well to DVD and VCR players used to broadcast DVDs and VHS tapes the residents enjoy.

Furthermore, “Our present system prevents us from broadcasting a decent sound of music groups,” Chaplain Dale says. “The variety of instruments results in a lot of distortion. No amounts of adjustments will result in a quality broadcast.”

Chaplain Dale says he has learned how to adjust the equipment over the years and often needs to assist the therapeutic recreation and nursing staff how to use it for their events and trainings.

Why Upgrades Were Needed

“It serves all the residents and it was so valuable during COVID, and it continues to be valuable,” Laura says. “We have many residents who are maybe here short-term or are here and not feeling well and still want to be a part of the Elim community and chapel services, and they can tune into the Elim channel and be a part of it.”

The audio/video equipment had become an important part of the community, but was not adequate any longer.

“It’s important for residents and families who come to activities and others who come in,” Laura says. “We want it to be excellent. We don’t want it to be subpar. We want the whole experience to be exceptional.”

New equipment will especially benefit residents who have trouble hearing or are visually impaired, as well as residents watching from the comforts of their own rooms.

“The primary benefit will be a better quality of a broadcast,” Chaplain Dale says. “We have many residents who cannot come to the chapel who watch on the chapel channel.”

Fun Times On the Golf Course

Laura considers the golf tournament a success on many levels.

“Our golf tournament is a lot of fun,” Laura says. “We have great support from Cassia community CEO Bob Dahl and fellow administrators were there. Thank you to my staff who golfed or volunteered; vendors, family members and community members. It’s a little bit of everybody. It makes for a great event and a lot of fun.”

Participants had the attire to prove it.

“This year, we had socks with Bob’s face on them,” Laura says. “ … Every year, we have a fun thing and he’s a good sport about it. That’s become a tradition up here.”

Even about a half hour of rain could not dampen their spirits.

“It was fun and everything worked out,” Laura says. “It wasn’t a total washout.”

Grateful for Community Support

Over the past 19 years, the Milaca Elim Meadows Golf Classic has raised more than $175,000, generosity that is certainly appreciated.

“Our community since I’ve been here, 37 years, they have always been so supportive,” Laura says. “ … During golf tournaments, they just give. They come and golf. If they can’t golf, they send a check. They believe in our mission and have walked alongside us for so many years. I can’t say enough about this community. I think they really appreciate the value of having a nursing home here locally.”

Chaplain Dale agrees.

“Milaca Elim Meadows has enjoyed a close relationship with the surrounding community,” he says. “Thus, assisting in the purchase of the AV upgrade is a tangible demonstration of their ongoing support. This upgrade will use the equipment for years in serving both staff and residents. I am humbled by this generous gift. To God be the glory!”

Vice President of Philanthropy Matt Crawford says the event furthers the mission of Cassia.

“Spiritual life is foundational to the mission of Cassia and we are so grateful for our donors’ support of our chapel through the Milaca Elim Meadows Golf Classic.”